Aug 12, 2014

And I ask myself…

IMG_9959.JPG Am I scared?

It’s kinda like patting your body down after taking a tumble — checking for sore spots. You don’t feel any, but they have to be there, no? I search for nervousness or panic or fear and I can’t seem find any. Lately, I’ve labeled it as “denial” in order to get my emotions to fit in the neat little package my loved ones need. In my mind, it feels more like relief. The final fulfilment of something I’ve known all along: my life will be extraordinary.

Why am I leaving?

I can’t keep circling the same flame. I can’t keep making a grand entrance into the same room with the same people. I need a new collection of adventures and regrets and successes and close-calls.

The hardest part?

I have intertwined myself with some of the most dynamic people I have ever known. They’ve become a part of my life force, and I never imagined what my life would be like without their constant presence. Familiarity will be so very far away.



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