Sep 29, 2014

Marhaba, yatches.

IMG_9862-1.JPGFour weeks. Three things:

1. Qatar is not the place for leisurely drives. Take that shit elsewhere.
(No, seriously. They do not want it here.)

2. My prior concept of sunshine has been a complete and utter lie.

3. I know less about the world now than I did a month ago.

I still haven’t determined my voice in this bloggy space. Will it be where I kick shit over and rant and sob? Will I coo and marvel at all the new things in my sandy, shiny world? A bit of both, maybe? I know two things for sure: I am intensely pleased with my decision to move and I miss my old life dearly. I feel like my entire context has been deleted. I’m trying not to panic and, instead, focus on the fact that I have the rare opportunity to reinvent myself in an environment devoid of my most triggering triggers. No one knows my weakest moments, my biggest mistakes, or my greatest fears. I can be invincible for a little while. I like this feeling. It’s intoxicating.


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